Benjamin. K. Tejevo

An internationally recognised Author; Public speaker and Strategic Consultant, with the unique ability to identify potential qualities within an individual; then develop a system to refine those qualities for positive action and sustained growth. After establishing a successful Internet Security Company, decided to use his business acumen and passion for environmental issues to see others grow into positions of influence in building a sustainable future.

He has aided multiple start-ups, and established systems for growth into small to Medium sized enterprises, as the impact of his influence stretches around the globe to countries such as: The UK; Italy; Sweden; USA; Kenya; Philippines; Nigeria; Ghana; and South Sudan.

Mr. Tejevo now holds a leadership position in various organisations and serves as the CEO of TEJGroup International, and various subsidiaries. He continues to speak in numerous leadership training seminars around the world, in various venues across England, Kenya, South Sudan, and Nigeria.

He is an avid writer and has published several books including:

  • The well-known Biblical finance book; Exhibit A
  • 4 Day Kingdom Economics Training course.
  • Co-author of the Personal Development Training Program;
    The TTCH Training model
  • Co Author: The ABC’s of Marriage