What does it stand for?
T – Think
T – Time
G – God
H – Heart
H – Hands

How does it work?
The programme follows a 5 step strategic principle, each step identifying
individual key strengths, then providing ways to better enhance and refine for
excelled productivity.

What are the benefits?
Through the development of this programme, we have clearly identified that those
participating have discovered not just inner talents, but more importantly, how
they can enhance them to apply personal skills in solving problems with increased
drive and focus.
A personal character which gives a renewed Zeal for life in all its vigour.

How is it delivered?
There are Basically 3 delivery methods

  1.  The Study guide can be purchased directly by getting Intouch with us via
    email, and we will respond to your exact needs.
  2. Enrol on our 6 Week Virtual Training program delivered via an On-Line
    training platform with a certificate of achievement at the end.
  3. Attending one of our Training programmes or seminars around the world.
    This usually consists of 3 days, split into 2 days of theory training, and the
    third day practical application to ensure the correct grasp of Model.

What are the costs?

  1. The Study guide – £120.00Per copy.
  2. Organising a training Programme. Depending on your needs, and
    requirements, a daily charge is applied to structure.
  3. Attending our Programmes, all fees will be stated prior to the event.

For more information, please feel free to make contact.
It is always an honour to serve your needs and those of your organisation.

Training Programme Booking Form

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